Rainbow Gemstone Link Bracelet, Sterling Silver


Create your own rainbow connection with this stunning line bracelet. Oval gemstones are semi-bezel set and separated by a small round white topaz gemstone to adorn your wrist with your favorite colors, Amethyst purple, Peridot green, Sky Blue Topaz, Citrine yellow and Swiss Blue Topaz. A lobster clasp closure secures the bracelet. 


Total gemstone weight is approx. 4.90 carats

Amethyst: 0.70 carats; Citrine: 0.79 carats; Peridot: 0.93 carats; Swiss Blue Topaz: 0.55 carats; Sky Blue Topaz: 1.06 carats; White Topaz: 0.88 carats


Bracelet measures approx 7.5"L x 5/16"W x 1/8"H


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